Of Wereorcs and Wargs
Date: Thursday, September 25, 2008 @ 16:59:06 EDT
Topic: New Kills

Today we travelled to Bloodmoon Keep. On first glance the ancient walls seem to be inhabited by mere orcs but on the second look you can tell something is not quite right, what with all the wolf drawings on the walls. And indeed, the orcs are cursed, turning into horrible wereorcs when being met in combat. Target of today's raid was no mere orc though but a ferocious beast by the name of Moonfang and were indeed able to hunt the beast down.

The warg carried with him a rare emerald that might lead us to future glory and rare spells.

In the ancient forests of the elves we travelled to days long past and met the giant shaman Vertekin to do battle with him. Again we emerged victorious.

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