Gorgos & Spatalos Server Merge
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010 @ 02:49:38 EDT
Topic: General Updates

The Gorgos and Spatalos servers are to be merged to form the newly titled "New Spatalos Server (ENG)" (someone put alot of effort into that name didn't they!.. ). This merge will happen on Wednesday, July 7 2010.  This server merge will not affect any of the existing Forgotten Nemesis Policies and realistically does not really affect us in a great way. We are likely to fall off the leaderboard down to somewhere in the top 100, but we can always keep progressing up that ladder.

The Elyos on Spatalos are very well equipped and have been dominating the Asmodians there for some time. So on the whole we are gaining powerful allies rather than powerful enemies.

As the population on Spatalos is predominatly Greek, French,  Italian and Russian, i do not believe that our community will be affected too much. We will still pitch ourselves to be a Casual, Mature, International Legion.

Having said all of that, the officers will continue to review the situation and adapt as necessary.


Full details of the merge are located here http://powerwiki.uk.aiononline.com/aion/Server+Merge+FAQ

FN discussion is happening here: http://www.fndkp.net/nuke/ftopict-1687.html

Happy Asmo hunting!

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