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First steps in Crystallos 
New Kills

Resting for an aeon, Kerafyrm the Sleeper, mightiest of all dragons, has awakened but few years ago. Fleeing his cold prison on Velious he now resides in Crystallos, a mighty cavern realm inhabited by various dragons, some devoted followers, others subdued thralls. All seeing eyes float through the treacherous lairs and vaults, ready to alarm their master when mortals approach to challenge the power of the dragon. It is good we came on soft feet and no one heard us duking it out with many of the drakes.


We also returned to the Theater of Blood where we tried ourselves as lumberjacks. Even the trees are lethal fiends in Ayonae Ro's perverted domain. But not even the biggest of trees can withstand our combined power.

Further down you can see some of the treasure we acquired.

Posted by Karlea on Thursday, May 22, 2008 @ 15:52:09 EDT (2273 reads)
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Bloody Theater 
New Kills

We were able to celebrate our first major victory in the Theater of Blood, a realm of endless cacophonies which was once known as the Plane of Music. The goddess of music Ayonae Ro has falle into a state of mental disorder when Mayon Mistmoore claimed divine powers for himself and challenged the Goddess of Music, her realm falling into disarray. Now evil thrives in the Theater, such as Valik the Cruel, a winged gargoyle-like mischief-maker.

This tremendous enemy's power increases the longer the battle lasts, making him a formidable foe. Eventually he had to bow before our strength though and proved he is not all evil after all, leaving a nice trinket behind for us.

Posted by Karlea on Thursday, May 15, 2008 @ 13:15:07 EDT (1971 reads)
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Blast from the Past 
General Updates

Forgotten Nemesis took a trip down memory lane when we travelled to the Plane of Time, once the pinnacle of difficulty and excitement in Norrath and the Planes of its deities. It was the first time in its 5+ year history that Forgotten Nemesis made an official raid in this zone so we were quite excited.

Plane of Time

Tick-tock gramp's clock

The deities of Norrath weren't too happy when they got disturbed while imprisoning Zebuxoruk for trying to bring the mortals the secret of how to become a god. We vanquished the sons of Rallos Zek, Saryrn and Terris Thule before heading back home, leaving the other gods trembling in their boots. Maybe one day we will return to give the four-headed dragon Qarm a visit as well.

Posted by Karlea on Friday, May 02, 2008 @ 16:01:00 EDT (1750 reads)
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Victory in the Plane of Pain 
New Kills

Having only defeated Saryrn's pet dog two days ago the road was clear to the Godess' hiding place in the top chamber of the mighty tower in Torment, the Plane of Pain. Accompanied by her pet crow the club-wielding, masked Mistress battled us with relentless fury but she was not able to muster the strength necessary to defeat us today. What a sweet victory it was!

Saryrn was not the only foe to gnaw his teeth in defeat today, in a 45-minute-marathon battle we outdid the shapeshifting dragon Rizlona in the Tower of Solusek Ro. It was another first-try victory for our guild. It has clearly proven the resourcefulness of our members and guests.

Eventhough the loot was well worth keeping I am certain there are quite a few among us who rather not want to see this pesky dragon again.

Posted by Karlea on Friday, April 04, 2008 @ 19:09:53 EDT (2910 reads)
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Fabled time of the year 
New Kills

As in every year, legendary beasts from all over Norrath resurface in an upgraded form. Bigger, better, badder! Every year the row of enemies increases and this year the Gods and Demi-Gods and their allies of the Planes of Power join the throng.

They are rougher and tougher than any beasts we whitnessed so far but the reward is just as mind-dazzling.

In our first major victory this year we toppled Saryrn's final guardian in the Plane of Torment, the Fabled Keeper of Sorrows. Once a little pup this mutt has devourd many adventurers to grow into a behemoth, much to the joy of his masked mistress.

After a very long and dangerous encounter  we were able to send the Keeper running with his tail between his legs, leaving some precious toys behind for our loot-hungry raid force (you can see it by clicking "read more" further below).

In another - unfortunately less successful - encounter we had cloth-pegs on our noses to withstand the stench of the Fabled Grummus, guardian of the Plane of Disease and servant of Bertoxxulous. Bert was rubbing his hands as he saw us submitting to the fatty's odours.


Posted by Karlea on Tuesday, April 01, 2008 @ 17:15:52 EDT (2026 reads)
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