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Taking on new foes 
General Updates

The enemies in the realm of the demi-god Mayong Mistmoore are plenty. Among one of the most furious ones we have faced so far is the axe-wielding (and axe-throwing) nemesis Hatchet the Torturer. We are not quite sure who exactly he is torturing but he sure has been a pain in the back for us so far.

We are yet to defeat this horned demon but our recent attempts have shown much promise that with just a little more practice we will soon walk from the battlefield victorious once again.

Posted by Karlea on Saturday, March 15, 2008 @ 09:19:31 EDT (3054 reads)
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Back in the Demi-Plane 
General Updates

After a mostly meager year with quite a few problems we have gained our momentum again and returned to the place of our greates triumphs. After vanquishing Sendaii, the Spider Queen again we gained entrance once more to Mayong Mistmoore's domain, the Demi-Plane of Blood. After many months we set foot again into the grisly tower, defeating the likes of Zi-Thuuli and the Maggotmiser.

We also took several exploration trips to the floating islands of Meldrath the Magnificent, gnome engineer extraordinaire. We also enjoy music so we decided to pay the Theater of Blood a visit. We met the Phantom of the Festival but he wasn't good company.

Posted by Karlea on Wednesday, January 16, 2008 @ 11:37:39 EST (1913 reads)
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Ice, ice, baby 
General Updates
The summer was hot so what is better to cool you a bit than a trip to the lands of frost and ice. Far to the north of Norrath an ancient tribe of ice giants still dwells, untouched by the wrath of the gods that harmed their brethren long ago.

Big giants also hoard big treasure and the crypt where they put their elders to rest was a good place to look for some. Unfortunately such treasure is rarely unguarded so we had some opposition to take out first.


Image Hosted by


We didn't only face frenzied giants though but also big, shaped ice formations, also known as golems. This rare speciman was even able to swim in the air.


Image Hosted by


In closing, in the extended text you are able to find one of the treasures we carried home to our comfortable homes.

Posted by Karlea on Thursday, September 20, 2007 @ 08:54:39 EDT (1883 reads)
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We're still alive ... Oblivion isn't 
New Kills
It's been a while that we could claim a new first-time victory, way too long. Upon exploring the almost endless, hot desert of Sunderock we stumbled over ... a blob. Eager to prove that a keen blade can cut through jelly like a hot knife through butter we assembled our forces and took on Oblivion.


Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-07-14


The battle was long and fierce, Oblivion calling upon the services of other, tinier jellies, with a wicked temper - they decide to die in a furious area attack.

Oblivion could not evade us in the end though.


Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-07-14


On the link below you can see some of the items Oblvion left behind.

Posted by Karlea on Saturday, July 14, 2007 @ 07:58:27 EDT (1932 reads)
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A fond farewell to Pudor 
General Updates
With sadness we bid farewell to our friend and guild officer Pudor who untimely passed away. In the Plane of Valor we shared our thoughts and drank to his health before we head to the Asylum of Anguish for a raid in his memory. A GM turned us all into Barbarians (as Pudor was one too) and off we went.


Image Hosted by


Farewell Pudor, you will be missed.

Posted by Karlea on Friday, May 25, 2007 @ 03:57:21 EDT (1741 reads)
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