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1 October 2020 10:00:22 EDT (GMT -4)
Spider squashing 
New Kills
Just a small update today. We were able to win our first Serpent's Spine raid instance, toppling a nasty arachnid and its vile brood.


Image Hosted by


A fierce fight and a well deserved victory for our battle-hardened guild.


Image Hosted by


Here is what we found on the spider's corpse. Surely a nice little trinket.


Image Hosted by


Posted by Karlea on Saturday, March 31, 2007 @ 02:41:23 EDT (1639 reads)
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Meeting old friends 
New Kills
The famours reincarnations of many critters that were once the top of the game are only around for a short time so we continued to find as many of them as we could. Especially the Shissar temple of Ssraeshza is a favorite target of many guilds on the server. Here's who we found there:

Image Hosted by

But the High Priest wasn't the only Shissar around. Next door we found the serpents' mastermind behind their inhuman experiments, Xerkizh.

Image Hosted by

Another friendly fellow and the items we gathered can be found further down.

Posted by Karlea on Sunday, March 25, 2007 @ 01:42:36 EDT (2469 reads)
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The Fables are back 
New Kills
And we are out to kill them all. This year the Fabled versions of many beloved and hated Luclin mobs have returned - and they brought a bunch HP and AC with them for all to remember what was special about the Luclin breed of critters.

Our first adventure brought us to the steps of the ancient temple of Vex Thal. There was no spare key under the doormat so we couldn't get inside though. The Fabled Rumblecrush had to deal with our anger.


Image Hosted by


Next we moved to the Akheva Ruins. Singing and frolicking we marched into the old outpost when we all suddenly halted. There was dirty work afoot!


Image Hosted by


Attached you can see some of the spoils of war we brought home from this most amusing raid.

Posted by Karlea on Sunday, March 18, 2007 @ 01:38:48 EDT (1675 reads)
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And now for something completely different 
New Kills
No Demi-Plane for us this time, no Asylum of Anguish ... this week we shuffled off to an entirely different location which we have barely visited so far. Far in the central north of Norrath lies the Sunderock Springs and there can be found the entrance to the Vergalid Mines.

Deep inside resides a powerful beast, Kellak, the king of serpents and he was just the right thing to cross blades with for us.


Image Hosted by


Since only a small force is allowed inside his lair at a time it was quite a challenging battle but we still emerged victorious.


Image Hosted by


Kellak was a pretty stingy host with a small hoard but what we has is very worth getting. Here's a very nice ring we found on him.


Image Hosted by


We also travelled to the realms of the dragons to face an enemy that always evaded us so far. A real pushover for us but for completeness sake - and as punishment for his annoying FD that kept us waiting - here he is: Tirranun.


Image Hosted by


Posted by Karlea on Saturday, February 24, 2007 @ 00:52:54 EST (2829 reads)
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First Demi-Plane run 
General Updates
Last week we gave the Demi-Plane of Blood a first shot. We have much to learn about Mayong Mistmoore's residence, the foes are legion and so are the challenges.

The first adversary we met was the gargoyle Zi-Thuuli, a first test for those daring to travel to the stronghold of Dreadspire Keep.

Image Hosted by

Upon passing the first time we were soon arriving at the gates of the vampire's hideout. Crossing through the entrance we encountered a powerful undead - our second and final worthy opponent this day.

Image Hosted by

In closing you can find some of the items we acquired.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Posted by Karlea on Monday, February 12, 2007 @ 12:04:37 EST (3219 reads)
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