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Plane of Magic 
New Kills
It's been a while that we adventured through the zones of the Prophecy of Ro expansion. This week we travelled to the Plane of Magic though. Not to kill dragons for a change but to take on one of Druzzil Ro's earlier creations.


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The scrykin are an odd race, having a huge, fanged maw where the head should be and wear their faces like masks, resting on their chest.


Image Hosted by


We faced Porthio the Second Born and his trusted panther companion Nightshade. The two were quite a pair but soon enough they fell to our blades.


Image Hosted by


Posted by Karlea on Wednesday, February 07, 2007 @ 13:15:11 EST (1666 reads)
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Like in old times 
New Kills
A long time ago Forgotten Nemesis was well known for scoring one first attempt kill after another. Now it was time to get another one under our belts, this time the dreaded vampyre Vule. The fiend was set to guard the way to the Demi Plane of Blood but we just waltzed past him. Time for him to find a more suitable job.

Image Hosted by

Master Vule the Silent Tear had several gargoyles on his side to defend him. Unfortunately for him they weren't much of a help.

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So it didn't take too long for the bloodsucker to wish he would have stayed in his coffin today.

Image Hosted by

Our reward for slaying our latest foe were some quest items to enter Mayong Mistmoore's new home. We are sure he eagerly awaits our arrival.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

And you thought vampyres and silver don't mix!

Posted by Karlea on Thursday, January 11, 2007 @ 13:00:07 EST (1657 reads)
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Dreadspire Keep - here we come! 
New Kills
There's much wheeping in the Hive as today the mighty Drachnid Queen Sendaii fell in a ferocious 90 minute battle. With this victory we have opened the pathway to the domain and homestead of Mayong Mistmoore. Soon enough we shall pay his gate keeper Master Vule a first visit.


Image Hosted by

Sendaii pushing up the daisies.

Image Hosted by

The Queen in happier days.

Sendaii's parting words.

Posted by Karlea on Thursday, January 04, 2007 @ 12:49:02 EST (2257 reads)
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Heaven is just 5 % away 
General Updates
In our first raid of the New Year we faced the evil Queen of the spider hive yet again, the last obstacle in our way to Mayong Mistmoore's domain.

Never before were we able to overcome the 3rd wave of Queen Sendaii's spider minions but this time we not only stomped on every spider that emerged from her eggs, we also brought her to the brink of destruction. Then Queen was almost down for the count when her final desperate minion assault took us out with her at 5 % HP.

Though not the happy end we had wished for after a 90 minute fight it was a giant leap for FN in this difficult and complex battle. We shall return soon!

Posted by Karlea on Wednesday, January 03, 2007 @ 07:22:21 EST (1885 reads)
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Website back from the dead 
General Updates
banelos-admin writes:  

Sorry for the long downtime of our website, our old host went ape on us and took the site down along with the database.
Please help rebuild some of the important lost posts, this is an october backup (shoot me for not backing up more often).

If you registered as a member after October 8th you need to make your user again, and if you had any FN membership rights on that user PM me or contact me ingame. If you still have your user remember to update it and upload new avatar if needed.

Sorry for all this, will try to make the transition back to normal as fast and painless as it can be.
Posted by banelosadmin on Monday, January 01, 2007 @ 02:27:40 EST (1513 reads)
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